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Is your New Years Resolution Floundering Already? Success awaits

Happy New Year!! This is the time of year everyone gets fired up to make a change. People charge into the new year with such optimism about getting control of their weight. Unfortunately, probably 90% or more will be off track and will have failed by March. If you’re one of these people you […]

Mark’s 75lb weight loss journey

This year Mark McCormick has lost a lot of weight. Below, in his own words, is how he did it.

From a health perspective, 2016 has been a very exciting and prosperous year.  The most notable change is the 75lbs that I have shed.  While I’m very excited about that, I’m even more excited about the […]

Congratulations to Greg Madison for dropping 55lbs so far this year!


Ok, so before anyone says it, I had problems with my editing software and this is an after and before pic.

Greg has lost about 55lbs, he feels better and he has gained a ton of strength too! His energy and confidence have seen a nice boost as well! Congratulations Greg for being guilty of killin’ […]

Marc lost 45 pounds – and got better insurance!*

With us as his personal trainer, Marc Taylor lost weight, but gained something else:

“So far I’ve lost 45 pounds at Premier Fitness, and I was just approved for DOUBLE the life insurance coverage for the same amount I was paying before!”

What could you lose with Premier Fitness as your trainer? Find out!

Susan’s weight loss — and knee pain!*

“I had reconciled myself to being chronically overweight — but not to having bad knees. I wanted to be stronger/healthier, and I knew that had to be possible, even with my schedule.

“After our first meeting, I was convinced that the accountability and expertise of Premier Fitness’s staff would allow me to be active in […]