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Lack of Sleep and Weight Loss

Will lack of sleep affect weight loss?
Did you know that getting too little sleep on an ongoing basis could add to your waistline? Here’s why…
+ When we don’t get enough sleep, our metabolism slows down to conserve energy. Your body thinks it needs more energy, so it triggers two different hormones which increase appetite […]

Why am I not sore after every personal fitness workout?

I hear this frequently, and it’s understandable, because there’s a prevalent myth in our personal fitness culture that if a workout is good, you’ll be sore afterwards. And so, it follows, if you’re not sore, you must not have really worked out.

But the reason you work out is to lose fat and gain strength. […]

Susan’s weight loss — and knee pain!*

“I had reconciled myself to being chronically overweight — but not to having bad knees. I wanted to be stronger/healthier, and I knew that had to be possible, even with my schedule.

“After our first meeting, I was convinced that the accountability and expertise of Premier Fitness’s staff would allow me to be active in […]

7 tips by an expert personal trainer

How to stick to your work outs, by a Premier Fitness personal trainer
1. Find your motivation and focus on it.
“An important part of my role as a personal trainer is to help you find the motivation that is really yours, the goal that will truly propel you. Why do you want to get fit? […]

Jana’s fitness training Wichita*

Jana came to Premier Fitness to shape up “just a bit” for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Past efforts to lose weight had left her with low expectations, though.
Jana’s Premier Fitness training Wichita experience
“All I was hoping for, really, was to lose about 10 or 15 pounds, and one size in my waist. I thought […]