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Ask the Personal Trainer: The Paleo Diet

If you follow any health- or food-related blogs — or if you spend any time on Pinterest — you’ve probably seen the term “Paleo diet” a lot more over the past few months. (Sometimes also called the “Caveman Diet.”) If you’ve asked your personal trainer and still need an explanation, Wikipedia offers this summary:
The Paleolithic diet… […]

Schrene’s weight loss: 66 pounds!*

Schrene’s total weight loss was 66 pounds, 41 inches and 12% body fat. And she’s maintained that weight loss for three years!
You too can be like Schrene and enjoy significant and safe weight loss!
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Steve’s weight loss: 92 pounds*

For Steve, it wasn’t just about the weight loss:
“Having a history of heart disease in my family, I decided to give Premier Fitness a shot at helping me lose weight. I enrolled in the semiprivate personal fitness training two days a week and boot camps. After 10 months I’d lost 80 lbs. and felt […]

Healthy Recipe: Rice Pilaf With Butternut Squash

This is a guest post by our newest personal trainer, Megan.

Butternut squash is one of my favorite foods! Did you know that one half-cup of butternut squash provides 150% of your required daily Vitamin A, and about 25% of your daily Vitamin C?

If you’ve never tried butternut squash, this would be a good week […]

Holiday Tactics: What not to eat

You don’t have to gain weight over the holidays. By practicing a couple simple weight loss tactics, you could sail through Thanksgiving without gaining! But it takes some thinking ahead; here are a few tips to keep you from packing on extra pounds during November.
Tactic one: Savvy swaps
If you have control over some of […]