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Are your workouts “boot camp” style?

Let me clear up the confusion: You don’t have to kill yourself for successful weight loss or torture yourself working out to get an impressive physical transformation!

Then why do so many “fitness gurus” or “weight loss experts” work you out this way? Honestly, it’s because that’s the way they train themselves. You think to yourself, […]

Who are your clients?

Premier Fitness is locally-owned, not a franchise! All of the testimonials and before-and-after photos featured on our website are not stock photos of fitness models or people selected from a national franchise collection of stock pictures (e.g. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc.); they’re actual Premier Fitness clients from the Wichita KS area.

We specialize in developing personalized programs […]

What do you think of BMI as a measurement of fitness?

A person’s BMI (or body mass index) is a number derived from a person’s height and weight, as explained by any Wichita fitness trainer. The BMI doesn’t take into consideration percentage of body fat, cardiovascular fitness, or any other important fitness markers.

As a stark illustration, consider these photos of two bodies with the same BMI…

The top […]

How do you motivate your clients?

As a fitness coach, I do provide verbal encouragement, but I’ve found that it’s difficult to truly motivate people by verbal encouragement alone. However, in asking the right questions, I can usually help them find the motivation from within themselves. I believe you must know the why behind the why. Confidence, accomplishment, feeling better, having less […]

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