Need the right kick in the back pockets for 2018? Don’t like to exercise? Then Premier Fitness is the right place for you. We specialize in smart programming aimed at getting you results, not hurt. We exercise in one of the best looking private training studios in Kansas. Here are the details of the program.

What will happen:

  • You will drop pounds and start to feel better about yourself
  • You will get healthier without a doubt
  • You will gain a better fitness level making your everyday activities easier
  • You will be able to eat unlimited cheesecake and not gain a pound! Ok… that part may not be true. But we won’t tell you you can’t eat it.
  • You will get stronger
  • You will get smarter. Ok… we won’t check your IQ before you begin but exercise has been shown to increase circulation to the brain and improve memory and cognition!

What you get:

  • 6 weeks of group training (2-3x a week)(schedule here) designed to burn fat and get you in shape as fast as possible (each session is 45m) The sessions are crafted to blend weights and cardio and adapt to various fitness levels
  • Instruction by a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology
  • Dietary options ranging from meal plans with grocery lists and recipes, to done for you to more flexible options
  • A plan for off-day workouts that you can do anywhere with very little equipment if you don’t have access to a gym
  • Daily encouragement accountability texts or emails
  • Goal setting cards and worksheet
  • Education on fixing your metabolism if broken or breaking through plateaus techniques
  • A match to burn your fat pants when you’re done!
  • Unlimited high fives from Wichita’s best high fiver in 2015,2016 and 2017. (or fist bumps if you’re too cool for high fives;)

All of this for just $79! Email or call/text 316-990-7777 with any questions

PS- If you’ve ever smiled more or laughed more while exercising somewhere else we will refund your money.