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Mark’s 75lb weight loss journey

This year Mark McCormick has lost a lot of weight. Below, in his own words, is how he did it.

From a health perspective, 2016 has been a very exciting and prosperous year.  The most notable change is the 75lbs that I have shed.  While I’m very excited about that, I’m even more excited about the […]

Save 35% by bringing a friend!!!

If you have been thinking you need to get started on an exercise plan, there is no better time!

Think about the benefits. Studies show people who have the most accountability do the best when attempting to lose weight.

You could actually defy the odds and start feeling better, losing weight and getting stronger during the […]

5 Ways To Beat The Holiday Bulge

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving!!! The time when family gets together and enjoys one another while slowly nibbling on a few bites of tasty oven baked turkey and Broccoli. High fiving each other while wearing their neatly pressed khakis and new sweater that fits their svelte bodies just right and playing a […]

Welcome Our Newest Team Member Shelby Morford

Meet Shelby morford, our newest addition to the Premier Fitness Team.

She is a senior in Exercise Science at WSU and is a certified personal trainer through NASM. She enjoys camping,water skiing and is really good at napping!

Shelby will be mainly helping out in the afternoon and evening and will be running the party in the evening […]

Congratulations to Greg Madison for dropping 55lbs so far this year!


Ok, so before anyone says it, I had problems with my editing software and this is an after and before pic.

Greg has lost about 55lbs, he feels better and he has gained a ton of strength too! His energy and confidence have seen a nice boost as well! Congratulations Greg for being guilty of killin’ […]