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Pulse Wave Velocity-What is it and why do you need to know

Full disclosure. I had never heard of this until about a month ago. But after I found out about it, I thought it was certainly relevant information to know if you care at all about your health. According to my friends over at Wikipedia, Pulse Wave Velocity” is the velocity at which the arterial pulse […]

New evening Group Camp Starting-The Metabolic Reboot


If you’re tired of going to a big gym that’s overcrowded and smells like a warm discarded diaper in a Walmart parking lot, then you need to come visit us at Premier Fitness. Sorry if that was too graphic but I know some of you know what I’m talking about:)

We are opening a new evening group […]

Teacher’s Summer Group Camp


Is sitting as dangerous as smoking?

Is sitting as dangerous as smoking? We put this theory to the test. Warning! This may be entertaining.


Typically when I think of dangerous things to do in life, sitting is not near the top of that list. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? I will attempt to sort through the research in this article and […]

5 Thanksgiving Swaps To Save Calories

Slice of pumpkin pie vs slice of Pecan pie

Cals. 316 vs 503

Turkey breast w/o skin 3oz vs turkey leg with skin 3oz

Cals.114 vs 190

cranberry sauce 2tbsp vs gravy fat skimmed off top 1 cup vs Full fat gravy 1 cup

Cals. 43vs75vs150

¾ cup sweet potatoes brushed with a little heart healthy canola or olive oil vs candied […]