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Schrene’s weight loss: 66 pounds!*

Schrene’s total weight loss was 66 pounds, 41 inches and 12% body fat. And she’s maintained that weight loss for three years!
You too can be like Schrene and enjoy significant and safe weight loss!
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Steve’s weight loss: 92 pounds*

For Steve, it wasn’t just about the weight loss:
“Having a history of heart disease in my family, I decided to give Premier Fitness a shot at helping me lose weight. I enrolled in the semiprivate personal fitness training two days a week and boot camps. After 10 months I’d lost 80 lbs. and felt […]

Mariam’s personal trainer motivation*

What Mariam loved about her Premier Fitness Wichita personal trainer
During the five months I trained with Premier Fitness, my personal trainer continually kept me energized, motivated, and dedicated to working towards my goals. He focused on helping me tap into my strengths as well as overcoming my physical weaknesses. I’ve been extremely happy with […]

Jenny lost 20 pounds!*

“As a runner, I was starting to have some knee injuries. My weight crept up and I finally got fed up with the way I was doing on my own. Chad helped me maximize my workouts, and the results were very fast. This program gives me the ability to keep it off. Thanks!”


Betsy lost 30 pounds and 30 inches!*

“Asking Chad to help me reach my weight loss goals was one of the best things I ever did for myself! He was successful in keeping my weight under control. Six months later, I’ve lost 30 pounds and 9% body fat — I feel like a new person!

“As a weight loss, fitness and nutrition expert […]