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John lost weight and fat; gained energy*

John lost 14 pounds, 7% body fat, and doubled his strength after personal fitness classes at Premier Fitness.

“I really appreciate the honest and educated approach Premier Fitness has. My friends and family have noticed the change from my weight loss, better energy, and how I seem to handle day-to-day stress better. I always look forward […]

Lona learned how to eat better

I’ve been training with Chad for eight months, and it has been the BEST training experience of my life. The workouts are fun, challenging, and get results! By addressing my nutrition, he taught me how to eat, which was the missing link in reaching my personal fitness goals. I feel amazing! Thank you, thank […]

Drew: fitter in five weeks*

I came to Premier Fitness in a hurry to get leaner. I already had a grasp on getting fit, but Chad made the tweaks to my regimen that maximized my results. In a short five weeks, I dropped 2.9% body fat, bringing me down to 7%! Thank you! – Drew

Megan learned how to lose weight in a healthy way*

I visited serveral personal trainers, trying to decide who would be the best fit for me. I chose Chad because he was honest in what he thought we could accomplish in the time frame I had.

I was already in good shape, but for work, needed to lose inches in my hips. In eight weeks, […]

Michelle lost 18 pounds*

Michelle lost 18 pounds, 9.5% body fat, and 22 inches!