Burning Desire!! That’s what you need! Without it, you will find it nearly impossible to accomplish any goal that takes more than a few weeks.

There have been many times in my life that I SAID I wanted to accomplish a certain goal. I never would get there and wondered why. Answer: lack of burning desire.

How do I get one of those, you ask? You have to visualize DAILY the goal in vivid details. This programs your sub conscious to go to work for you. Now, I am not saying to sit back daily and just think about what you want your body to look like. That would be the same as saying “I’m going to imagine that this giant bowl of Ben and Jerry’s I’m eating  right now is not being stuffed into my already too full mid section fat cells.” The actions are not matching the goal!  Burning desire  must be followed by action. Action is a lot easier if it has a clear image to direct to. Too often we give our subconscious too vague of directions to work with. “I want to tone up and flatten my belly” is fairly vague. If I find a picture of myself when I was younger and in better shape I can visualize what that would look like. Be careful not to find a picture of someone else with a different natural build than you.

Welcome Captain Obvious to the blog, everyone! Ladies, if you’re 5’3″ and have always been a little more muscular, don’t look at pictures of supermodels, as they are small-framed and generally over 5’9″. Fellas, if you are 5’10” and were a cross country runner in high school don’t pick NFL players to visualize. Thank you, Captain, for stopping by!

Building a burning desire for your goal is the key to motivation. Good luck, and remember the professional personal trainers at Premier Fitness would love to help you find that burning desire! Contact us today!