A person’s BMI (or body mass index) is a number derived from a person’s height and weight, as explained by any Wichita fitness trainer. The BMI doesn’t take into consideration percentage of body fat, cardiovascular fitness, or any other important fitness markers.

As a stark illustration, consider these photos of two bodies with the same BMI…

Wichita Fitness Trainer BMI explained

The top image shows two different men who have the same height, weight, and BMI — but are clearly in very different physical condition. The lower image shows the same woman, before and after getting fit. Because muscle weighs more than fat, she ended up at the same weight, but it doesn’t take an xray to see how much healthier she is!

When you become a client of a Wichita fitness trainer here at Premier Fitness, we start with an overall fitness assessment: not just weight and height, but body fat, flexibility, pulse rate, blood pressure, and more. We use weight loss as one measurement of success, but by no means the only one.

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(Note: All other photos on this website are of actual Premier Fitness clients. The above images are not; they are just to illustrate the concept.)