Let me clear up the confusion: You don’t have to kill yourself for successful weight loss or torture yourself working out to get an impressive physical transformation!

Then why do so many “fitness gurus” or “weight loss experts” work you out this way? Honestly, it’s because that’s the way they train themselves. You think to yourself, “But that must work because they appear to be in such great shape, right?”


I’m not saying you won’t have to do some work to experience significant weight loss, because you will. But, if you’re looking for long-term sustainable results, you don’t have to kill it (or yourself) every workout to get there. It’s all a matter of expectations. If you want to look like a fitness magazine cover model, then you do need to train more often and more intensely. However, if you truly just want to lose weight, look better in your clothes and be healthierthen it doesn’t need to totally consume your life. Will you have to make changes to your current lifestyle? Most likely.  Will you have to switch to eating precisely every three hours, and only broccoli, rice and chicken? Nope!


Weight loss by group camp and more

“I love the Group Camp and have been pleased with the whole experience. Getting to workout with other people is a weekly encouragement.”

– Belinda, Wichita KS