For Steve, it wasn’t just about the weight loss:

“Having a history of heart disease in my family, I decided to give Premier Fitness a shot at helping me lose weight. I enrolled in the semiprivate personal fitness training two days a week and boot camps. After 10 months I’d lost 80 lbs. and felt great! My new goal is to weigh what I did in high school — and at 51 years old, that would be a major accomplishment for me.

“I’ve discovered I really enjoy living healthier and working out. The weight loss classes aren’t intimidating and can be modified to anyone’s ability, plus they’re a lot of fun! My advice is: give it your all, commit to a four- to five-days-a-week workout plan, and plan and track all your meals.

“There are lots of personal fitness training options in Wichita, but Premier Fitness was the one that worked for me.”

— Steve Nussbaum

Update, August 2015: Steve has now lost 92 pounds total and has kept the weight off for a year and a half!



   Feb 2014               Nov 2014             April 2015

…..261 lbs.                     181 lbs.                 169 lbs.

40%+ body fat      19.5% body fat