About Premier Fitness

We’re a locally-owned, owner-operated personal training group, located in Wichita, KS since 1996. (Also serving Andover, Augusta, Bel Aire, Derby, Haysville, and other Greater Wichita communities, of course!)

Our staff is our strength: They’re selected not just because they’re experts, but also because they really love helping out-of-shape people improve their fitness, find their energy, and lose pounds and pain!

We specialize in developing personally customized programs for all ages and fitness levels, but here are some situations we have become popular for:

  • People who have seldom or never exercised
  • People who have lifestyle-related diseases — diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, etc.
  • Women experiencing midlife fitness/health issues
  • Older adults, including those with osteoporosis and high blood pressure
  • Professional models who want to lose those last few inches, without risking their health

We provide the expertise, variety, personal attention, and fun – and you’ll love the results!

Mary lost 25 lbs.

“I’ve tried diet and exercise on my own; I could lose a pound or two here and

there, but nothing significant. I finally tried Premier Fitness and it’s been great.

In four months, I lost 25 lbs, 18 inches, and my cholesterol dropped 100 points!”

– Mary, Wichita KS

At Premier Fitness, we help you find a more time-efficient solution to your fitness and wellness desires. You’ll see faster results (and possibly less pain) working with one of our personal trainers than you will working on your own. Our remarkable personal trainers offer a variety of training options to fit your schedule, and we’ll work with you to find a program that fits your budget.

We provide personal training in all components of fitness:

  • muscle conditioning
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • cardiovascular
  • and body composition

If you want to lose weight and get healthier, and are tired of looking at conflicting answers or hype, come see us at Premier Fitness and see the difference a Certified Personal Trainer can make in your life. Just try it; you could experience more energy, joy and satisfaction in everything you do!

Stop putting it off — Contact us now!


(316) 990-7777 | 11414 E. Central, Wichita KS 67206