Top reasons why people put off getting serious about their personal fitness training — aka, excuses! Do these sound familiar?…

personal fitness training motivation

Premier Fitness motivation

I don’t have time.

Most of our clients would tell you they got far better results in far less time than they thought it would take. Also, when you have more energy and less pain, you can get more work, fun, or leisure done — in the same amount of time!

I’m not sure about spending the money.

To update an old adage, “Pay the personal trainer now, or pay the doctor later!” A personal trainer is an investment in your current and future health.

Also, we’ll work with you to create a personal fitness training program that works for your budget. Ask Chad about it, when you come for your first visit.

It’s going to hurt!

First of all: this isn’t “Biggest Loser“! That’s 180 degrees from our approach. Yes, there will be seconds where you need to push yourself through some discomfort, but once you see the results you get, the payoff starts to outweigh the effort.

Premier Fitness personal fitness training

Premier Fitness client

“One of my biggest mental blocks was fear of pain or injury.

But my personal trainer helped me learn the difference between the kind of pain

that means ‘Stop and try this a different way, to avoid injury,’ and the kind of

brief pain that’s just a stepping stone to getting stronger!”

– Jana, Wichita KS

I’m too out of shape and/or too old.

Over 40? Over 50? Over 60? No problem! No one is too out of shape to start a personal fitness training routine. Our clients are all ages — from 17 to 70+. Our personal trainers start with you where you are and show you how to get where you’d like to be.

Personal fitness training right now

Start fitness today

I’ll start… later.

One thing every single client would tell you: “I wish I’d started earlier!

How long have you been saying this? Be good to yourself. Stop putting it off!

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