Have you ever tried to lose weight and had success for a while and then failed?

Or maybe you can’t even seem to get started?

Maybe it’s not losing weight. Maybe you can’t quite put those overpriced cute shoes back on the shelf where they belong instead of in your closet with the 50 other pair of hardly worn cute shoes.

I know, right now, I’m about to lose my female audience but please hear me out. And to be fair I will take a jab at the fellas as well later in this article. I definitely believe in equal opportunity offending!

Every single one of us struggles in some area of our life with failure. Most attribute this to lack of discipline and willpower. But is it? Or is it the invisible bully who tells you you could never accomplish losing 50lbs or having a successful relationship. This bully will use almost anything to get his way.

Take for instance, a fella who goes golfing a lot. Nothing wrong with that! Unless the reason he’s golfing a lot is because he’s trying to avoid conflict at home. The bully will tell you “you should go golfing, those problems aren’t going to get solved by staying home today”. See ladies, I told you I’m an equal opportunity offender.

Ok Chad, but what does golfing and shopping have to do with my exercise and diet routine? Everything! These are manifestations of us avoiding the healthy activity we should be doing for what makes us feel good for the moment.

The answer to your problem doesn’t lie in exercise and diet. Those are the tools you use to get in better shape and health. But, if you’re not in the mindset to build daily, you won’t pick up the tools.

So let’s recap, the answer to most of your problems whether it be your weight, your home life or secret addictions is daily renewing your mind!!! I know this sounds like a bunch of positive inner talk mumbo jumbo. Daily renewing your mind isn’t just saying “i’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darnit people like me” You can’t just say positive things daily and change everything. You must BELIEVE! This will be seen in your actions. What you say and what you believe can be 2 very different things.

Two of my favorite pastors have said the same thing. If you want to know where your heart is, look at your calendar and your checkbook. Where your heart or mind is precedes ACTION!!

In January I am going to give a presentation on this very topic and if I don’t get booed out of the room it will turn into an ongoing class. If anything said in this blog resonates with you at all, sign up to come to the presentation. Hurry though I will only have about 20 seats and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to possibly change your life!