Elevate 12 Week Transformation Program

Warning! This is a faith based program. If you are offended by the words God, bible or scripture you may not want to attend this program. To address your spiritual side, those words will be used and there will be a Christian undertone throughout the program especially the first 15 minutes of each class. If you are not a Christian and would like to attend the class, I would be more than happy to have you attend! However if you commence heckling when I mention scripture you will be asked to attend the new online version of this program where I cannot hear the heckling or see the eye rolling. ;)Please email me if you have any questions about this! 

Below is what this awesome program can teach you how to do

  • Lose weight consistently
  • Learn the tricks to managing your habits and thought life which control your actions
  • Get more energy than a toddler at a birthday party (ok…that might be an exaggeration)
  • Have great confidence in controlling your weight
  • Take control of your thought life so you can succeed not only in weight loss but in other areas of your life
  • This program is a PERMANENT fix (no surgeries involved) truthfully it’s better than surgery
  • Feel better about yourself than you have in decades (unless of course you’re 20 and then you will want to read the preceding as decade)
  • Learn powerful behavioral techniques to break the mindless eating patterns holding you back (note these are not Jedi mind tricks that you can use on other people)
  • Average weight loss is 12-30lbs during this program

What you get:

  • 12 Entertaining Multimedia Lessons/seminars 
  • Get the only weight loss tool that trumps even exercise and diet
  • Printed notes to missed lessons
  • Daily lesson accountability via text
  • Printed notes and charts during current class
  • Encouraging community of peers on the same journey at the same time
  • Weekly private weigh ins

 (The last group to go through this  program lost over 500 lbs !!! They didn’t even have the benefits of the last 7 years of acquired wisdom I have received! Wow!!)

Where: Premier Fitness

When: New group beginning Wednesday March 1st at 6p–After that, every Wednesday at 6p for 11 more weeks! Each lesson will last about an hour.

Who: You and your friends silly!

Cost: $169 for 12 incredible weeks of transformation! Sign up By Tuesday Feb.28th and save $20. Please email me at pfwichita@gmail.com or call 316 990 7777 to let me know you are planning on attending.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes this different than other programs like this?

First of all, there won’t be anything like this offered in Wichita. It will be different because the lessons will be a cross between a psychology class, a sermon, weight watchers with a clown juggling fire in the corner. Just kidding about that last part, the clown won’t juggle fire but I’m sure he’ll do something that will leave people wondering “what’s wrong with that dude”.

2. What happens if I can’t make it to a class?

First, you will probably be really really sad that you missed it. When you’re done crying and have regained composure, you can reach out to us and we will get you the notes and charts that were handed out so you don’t get behind.

3. Will we be exercising during this class?

Nope. This is a education/entertainment based class.

4. What happens after the 12 weeks is up?

You will be empowered and armed to succeed on your own, but you probably won’t want to because we will continue the class past the equipping phase. The plan is to continue to provide education and accountability year round.