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Mariam’s personal trainer motivation*

What Mariam loved about her Premier Fitness Wichita personal trainer
During the five months I trained with Premier Fitness, my personal trainer continually kept me energized, motivated, and dedicated to working towards my goals. He focused on helping me tap into my strengths as well as overcoming my physical weaknesses. I’ve been extremely happy with […]

Chad’s Tips: Healthier eating choices

1. My simple mantra: One-ingredient foods. This doesn’t mean only eating one food at time; rather, bringing together in your kitchen foods that were whole when you bought them. Have some fruit with plain yogurt and a few nuts; have some fresh or frozen veggies with butter. Get away from the packaged, factory-made foods […]

Don’t use the “D” word!

Or, Why you shouldn’t “go on a diet.”
Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get fitter, yes, you will need to track calories — at least for a while. But I encourage people to not think of this as a “Diet.” For most people, the word diet has negative associations. It […]

Jenny lost 20 pounds!*

“As a runner, I was starting to have some knee injuries. My weight crept up and I finally got fed up with the way I was doing on my own. Chad helped me maximize my workouts, and the results were very fast. This program gives me the ability to keep it off. Thanks!”


Weight loss question: How often should I weigh myself?

Shoes off. Clothes off. Exhale completely. Step on Scale to check if your weight loss efforts worked. Open Eyes. Peek Down. You jump off with excitement – Down 2 pounds! …Or sigh with horrible disappointment.
Weighing yourself frequently for weight loss – is this a good idea?
Using the scale wisely can be a great help, but […]