There are 5 important ways Premier Fitness stands apart from other personal training facilities. These five things make Premier Fitness different than any other personal training studio in Wichita:

Sense of Humor- We take getting you results very seriously but beyond that it’s difficult to get us to take this life too seriously!

Smarter science based programming rather than trendy extreme style workouts that usually lead to injuries. Speaking of smart, I’m pretty sure we could out spell any other trainers in Wichita judging from their marketing materials. You may be saying ” I don’t care if my trainer can spell his name or not, I just want him to work me hard” You may regret that if he can’t spell the medication you’re on, recognize how it might impair your performance and work you until you pass out.

Very low intimidation factor. In fact we may not possess any intimidating qualities at all. We’re just some very experienced, fit and educated personal trainers without the extra 50 pounds of muscle to impress you. We don’t expect you to be fit at all when you first come in but we can definitely work with you if you are!

Private atmosphere- There is no one to stare at you here while you workout (other than your personal trainer…and he can face the other other direction as long as there is a mirror close by:)

Professionalism- Our clients tell us they appreciate our integrity and professionalism

Anyone can show up and work you hard enough to make you sweat and huff and puff,  but do you look forward to it? If not, the professional personal trainers at Premier Fitness can help you enjoy it as much as you can. As you can tell from the above info., you would be hard pressed to find better personal trainers in the city of Wichita, Ks.