When you have names like “push-up” and “sprints” associated with you, well, you’re not going to get invited to the party. If the names of things associated with you were more like, “eat as much ice cream as you want and not get fat”, you would get invited. It’s time for your publicist to give you a makeover! From now on we’re going to call you “lots of money sex cheesecake massage”. Or LOMSCM for short…ish. So LOMSCM it is. What else can we do to clean up your image? Oh yeah, let’s make it not feel like work. So when somebody asks you if you’re difficult you can say “I can neither confirm or deny these allegations” and walk away from the microphone.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh on exercise. There is a small percentage of the population (weirdos) that likes it. Some have a good attitude towards it but don’t necessarily like it. And then, I believe there are a whole lot of people that absolutely loathe, detest, strongly dislike it. How do I know this? I never hear things like ” man, the best part of my vacation was not the laying around on the beach sucking down margaritas listening to the gentle roar of the tide coming in but the exercise I did while I was there” or “Chad, I’m really struggling with late night exercising, it’s like I just have to exercise when I watch TV”. If you’re in this last category, read on.

For a second let’s analyze why this may be true. If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us are living for comfort. We drive the most comfortable cars, sleep on ridiculously fluffy pillows and mattresses, must shower daily and we live and work where we can control our environment’s temperature to the degree of Fahrenheit we please. So, working out just feels like manual labor in our quaint cushy lives. Don’t get me wrong, I participate in heating and air conditioning of the house and sleep on memory foam with cooling gel. I’m just saying we may be getting a little to cushy now that we can control lights, see who’s at the door, change the temperature, and shop for anything all from our little handheld computers.Try not to spit out your morning cup of coffee when reading this next line.

Maybe it’s us and not exercise.

Should we all sell our house and live in grass huts and start catching our own food again? Nope that’s not what I’m saying. All I’m saying is our bodies were designed for exercise. Otherwise we would just be a brain on a stick. No joints or flexibility or ability to move. How about we view exercise as a blessing? Stay with me here. Viewing from the stand point of our lives are so rich and blessed with so much comfort that it’s necessary for us to exercise. We’re so fortunate to NOT live in another country where there is no running water, no cars, no jobs and the last thing on your mind would be exercising your body because you’ve been doing it all day trying to scrounge up something to eat. Ahh perspective!

If you don’t like to exercise, I understand. But maybe you should come experience personal training at Premier Fitness and let me show you how you don’t have to kill yourselves to get results. You do have to do some work though;)