True Story. I know, hard to imagine but it happened. Once upon a time there was a man named, well,  let’s call him Mike. He came to me wanting to feel better and to drop 35 pounds.He was a business owner that had little time and therefore had put his health on the back burner. We started to talk about nutrition when he stopped me. Mike informed me that he was not a fan of green veggies and plain chicken breasts. I said if we’re being honest, neither am I. He was afraid that that was what I was getting ready to recommend. But I didn’t, because I’m a realist. Mike was 50 had a busy lifestyle and had no interest in shaving his body, oiling up and competing on stage. Cooking was also not his wife’s jam so they ate out a lot. I inquired about what he was currently eating and doing for exercise. He explained there had been no exercise and he started every work day with a doughnut and finished with a beer or 2. I thought to myself “me too” (just kidding). So I explained that it would be ok to stay on his current routine if he stayed within the calorie budget I was about to give him and exercise. He agreed. Note: I did not recommend he eat doughnuts and drink beer. But if I had i would have insisted he do it like this guy. Look at how many calories he’s burning!


This guy needs to be teaching zumba somewhere, i’m not even impressed with the dancing grizzly behind him.


Sorry, back to the story. ( sidenote: I like saying sidenote and gifs)

He began to strength train with me a couple of times a week for 45 min. On his off days he walked on his treadmill until he was in good enough shape to alternate walking and running. Mike attempted to make better choices at lunch and dinner but remained true to his beer and doughnuts. Fast forward 5 months, he burned off 35lbs.

Why did I tell you this story? To encourage you. Oh, and to tell you that you don’t have to eat like a vegan celebrity and workout like Mr. Olympia to drop pounds and get in shape. Mike was busy, just like you, but he made time to exercise. Amazing things happen when you prioritize the right things in your life. Persistence beats trying to be perfect every time!