Welcome friends! Below are the details of my new group starting Tuesday April 10th at 11:15a.

Have you ever thought to yourself, man I hope when I retire I lose all my ability to move and am not able to do anything for the next 20 years or so but lay around and watch TV? Of course not, you want to travel and play with grandkids or play golf or pickleball or whatever. The point is you want to do stuff until you die. Sadly, that’s not how everybody gets to go out. The good news is most people get a choice in the matter. That’s why I’m starting this group. I want you to have a choice!

If you’re interested in the following benefits, read on:

  • Increased energy and stamina to make it through your day

  • Increased strength to help with activities like climbing stairs, getting out of a chair easier or getting on and off the floor

  • Increased confidence because you now have the above benefits

Remember the point of living longer is not to simply live longer, it’s to live longer well. With technological breakthroughs in medicine, we can now live longer than ever before in history. The question is what is the quality of which you live those years? Nobody wants to live an extra 10-15 years having lost all mobility and the capacity to be self-sustaining. Fun Fact: Nobody gets out of aging but you do get to choose the way you age. It’s not merely the act of aging that robs function from you. It has a lot more to do with the old adage use it or lose it.

So the point of this group is to change the way you age. Below are the details for this group.

When: Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:15a beginning Tuesday, April 10th . And no, you won’t get all super sweaty if you have a lunch date to attend right after.

Where: Premier Fitness  (11414 E Central Suite 104—Near Central and Greenwich)(Orange banner)

Cost: $79 a month. If it’s not for you, you may quit at the end of the month. But be aware that I will probably cry and hug you as you leave:)

Why: Because you need this!!!

The sessions will be 30-40 minutes and include exercises for strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. These will not be done in a chair format, you will be standing,kneeling (if possible),sitting and doing cartwheels (just kidding about the cart wheels:). If we have a good response to the training sessions, my plan is to continue on indefinitely.

Chad lee introducing Functional Aging Group

Anyway, I can only take the first 6 to sign up for this group. So if you’re interested please reply and say you’re in. Looking forward to meeting you in person! If you have any questions at all please feel free to call me at (316) 990-7777. If you have a friend you think would be interested please pass this info. along. We find that people do better working out with friends because they have increased accountability!