You may be wondering how did my metabolism quit working in the first place. Good question. I know some of you will blame it on age but that actually has little to do with it. Don’t get me wrong there is some decrease with age but that is not the prime factor here. The method I’m going to explain has been proven to me by my own work with my clients and oh yeah, science.

So, here’s the deal. I have mainly seen this in women so there are several factors at work. I think the main reason I don’t see it in men much quite simply is because they just don’t care that much about their weight. Ladies, I have consulted with women in their eighties trying to get rid of there mid section. Why, because you guys will care until your graves. I applaud this because at least you’re making an effort to be healthier. So what’s the problem here? Drumroll please…..eating too little is the problem. I know that seems counter intuitive but that’s what happens. Most of you don’t even realize you’re doing it because you have adapted your hunger hormone to accept less. At one point, in an effort to keep your weight down you began eating less. Maybe skipping a meal or 2 a day here and there until it became the norm. Then when you do have the occasional indulgence your body will grab hold of the extra calories and store it. Why wouldn’t it? You’ve essentially put in starvation mode whether on purpose or by accident. It’s just trying to keep you from starving. So your body has secreted hormones to slow your metabolism to match your lower calorie level. I know, not cool right! Well, if it didn’t do that you would have starved a long time ago. There is the problem in a nutshell. Keep reading for the answer!

The answer lies in reversing this trend of eating less. Does that mean binge eating pizza and cheesecake while drinking Costco’s finest boxed wine? No, unfortunately. What it does mean, is you will have to eat an adequate amount for your age, activity level, dna etc. How much is that Chad? That’s a little tougher to pinpoint without knowing more info. about you. Roughly you could start with about 10x your weight in calories. Couple of bummers to mention here. You will have to track calories and you will probably gain weight initially. Don’t fret though, the gaining of weight is a temporary reaction to the scientific principle we stated earlier. (Remember the part about indulging every once in a while…while in starvation mode.) Also, I have seen faster recoveries when you are doing resistance training.

Most people will need accountability and structure to fix their metabolism which I just happen to have a sample program designed specifically for that reason. It’s called the 21 day Metabolic fix program. With it you get 3 weeks of programmed training at our facility in a small group. You will also receive a caloric total to track that matches up with you specifically. And accountability and encouragement along the way! If this sounds of interest to you then shoot me an email at or call/text 316-990-7777 to get started or with more questions.

God Bless!