Happy New Year!! This is the time of year everyone gets fired up to make a change. People charge into the new year with such optimism about getting control of their weight. Unfortunately, probably 90% or more will be off track and will have failed by March. If you’re one of these people you can relate to this cycle. It’s very damaging. You will end up questioning what went wrong and calling yourself a failure. Then you lick your wounds and forget about it until the next diet book that gets you inspired or the next cool new workout that burns 10x more fat than any other workout ever known to man or until the New Year rolls around again.

I have found that if I’m seriously going to make a change I have to do it when the fire is lit and not wait until the new year. I believe we can all change when we want. But it only worked for me recently when I started a new habit. Now I’m recovering from the self defeating cycle I was in. You see, I’ve not struggled much in my life with my weight. I know, boo hiss somebody punch this guy in the face. My heart has always been with those who do though. In fact, so much so that I have spent the last 20 years studying nutrition and exercise science to help those who struggle. Recently I realized that I had perpetually failed in another area of my life. My own inner dialogue has kept me in fear of people for most of my life. No, I don’t run and hide when I see people. But outside of my business and home you will rarely see me speaking. I have been terribly uncomfortable speaking to others my whole life outside of my very small, well defined comfort zone. This strong inhibition has affected many areas of my life but probably my entrepreneurial side the most. It’s truly by the grace of God that I have the business I have. My passion and constant learning are the only things that have kept me in business. My hobby is learning, so I’ve spent a lot of my free time investing in how to help my clients achieve better results. But, if you don’t get in front of a lot of people and let them know what you do, it’s difficult to build a business. You can see how this would be a problem for me.

I believe there are a lot of people out there coping with life through food. The answer to overcoming this, is first and foremost, in correcting your mindset. Once you are on the right path with your thinking then you need to educate yourself on what is the right way to drop weight and get healthy. I have put together a 12 week program that covers all the bases. It’s full of mindset,behavioral modification, nutrition and exercise information that can change your life. The last group that went through this program lost over 500lbs in 12 weeks. The new version I have put together will be better than that because the last one didn’t have as much mindset info. and it didn’t account for that fact that we are all spiritual beings as well. If you’re interested in finding more info. click here.