Finding a fitness trainer can be a difficult thing to do – especially if you’ve never had to pick someone to help you with your health in this capacity. The truth is that you might go through quite a few different trainers before you are able to find one that will really suit you. However, there are some steps you can take to finding a fitness trainer that will help you to find one much more quickly.

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Many people tend to have the wrong idea about their trainers and what it means to be fitness trainers. They see television shows like The Biggest Loser and think that it looks like this:

That really isn’t the case. We can be sweet and motivating without making you feel badly about yourself. However, some people need that kind of encouragement. Regardless of the type of trainer that will work best for you, there are some common qualities that you should look for in your trainer:


You need to have patience when you are working out and trying to make a change. At the same time, your trainer should be patient with you learning how to do exercises and making the changes that you need. Patience is one of the keys to having a successful client-trainer relationship.

We know that you need to take some time, especially when you are trying to break some of those unhealthy habits. A good trainer will know how to push you, but won’t lose their patience or give up on you – it is all about making steady progress!


Just like in a romantic relationship, communication between a client and a fitness trainer is the best way to create a healthy relationship. Your trainer will not be with you all the time, but they should be “with you” in a certain way.

Your trainer should be able to be there for you via text or phone call, and should be able to read your tone and body language. Part of that involves pain, you will want them to be able read your movements and see if you can keep going.

Communication will allow your fitness trainer to see if you are doing what you are supposed to do, and when you are telling those little white lies that some people like to tell so much.

Your trainer also needs to be someone that you feel comfortable going to with problems. Having chafing issues? You should feel comfortable enough to go talk to them about it. Want to partake in a little romantic getaway and not worry about your waistline? Talk to them!

Communication skills NEED to be there for you to have a successful trainer-client relationships.


While it is great to have a fun, jovial relationship with your fitness trainer, you should also have a line between personal and professional relationships. Don’t expect them to give you a birthday present or attend your wedding, though you certainly may get close enough that it is an option.

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The professionalism should also extend to the facility they use. Make sure that everything is clean and working properly. Any trainer who sees something that is wrong should stop you from working out or move you to a different piece of equipment.


You want to make sure that anyone you even consider hiring as a fitness trainer is certified. Ask to see the certificate, as they probably keep it on hand. To become certified, trainers must pass an exam through accredited organizations such as The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Most of the courses and exams they take will cover exercise physiology, training and exercise procedures, nutrition, functional anatomy of the body, and weight management. Your trainer will need to have a GED or high school diploma, but many will have college degrees.

You should also check out the literature that they have laying around their office or space. They should be staying up to date on the newest trends.

If you are an athlete, you should find a fitness trainer who knows about your specific problems as they would know which exercises you can do to develop speed, strength, agility and endurance for whichever sport you are focused on.


We opened with that video of Jillian Michaels for a reason: you need to have a trainer who has a personality that will encourage you to keep moving. Some people aren’t motivated by yelling. Some are better at dealing with quiet encouragement than others are.

Finding a fitness trainer you gel with is critical to making everything work out in your favor.

Once you have established what kind of trainer you want, you can start looking. We hope that you start your search with us. Come visit us or give us a call today to start on our relationship.