If you’re tired of going to a big gym that’s overcrowded and smells like a warm discarded diaper in a Walmart parking lot, then you need to come visit us at Premier Fitness. Sorry if that was too graphic but I know some of you know what I’m talking about:)

We are opening a new evening group camp Nov. 1st  which is right around the corner. Below is a list of things you will and won’t get with this new Group Camp.

  • You will get back in shape in a private non intimidating environment. You won’t get a loud and crowded warehouse full of narcissistic flexers.
  • You will be doing planned, well thought out  exercises aimed at helping you reach your goals in the most efficient manner possible. You won’t be dragging a car by a chain while flipping a tractor tire in the parking lot because your trainer can’t find space and didn’t bother to come up with a program until 30 seconds before you arrived.
  • Your form will be monitored and you will be genuinely encouraged during your training here. You won’t be subjected to a “biggest loser” type trainer barking in your face or a trainer that’s energy is so over the top that they will be soon be arrested in the parking lot for taking or selling illegal supplements.

I guess what I’m trying say here is we’re “normal” people adapting a fit and healthy lifestyle into our schedules just like you’re wanting to do.   The new group will be beginning Tuesday November 1st at 5:45p . Don’t worry though if you can’t make it to the first session, we’re adaptable and can help you start at any time. If you’re interested, hurry and get back to me because this will fill quickly as we limit the number of participants we can train to ensure enough attention to each person. The group will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:45p-6:30p. We also have a group that meets M/W/F at 6a if you’re interested. We only have 3 spots remaining in that group. Come and try us out for $49 for 3 weeks and see if it’s not the best thing since the Iphone.