How did it all start? There I was coming from darkness to light. It was sort of an awakening for me. I was laying there with my eyes closed and crying. Who were all these people staring at me? And then WHACK!! Who spanks someone right as they enter the world? Not Cool man, not cool! I was 8 minutes old and still living with my parents. How sad is that? Anyway, it may not have been quite that early that I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer but I did have hints pointing me this direction my whole life.

My mother was a nurse and I admired her for helping people get well again. Especially, as I got older and found out how much grossness was involved in that job. It takes a special person! After discovering this giant downside (cleaning up bodily fluids, which later I would get to do anyway being a dad), I still knew I wanted to help people. My older brother was also instrumental in moving me into the greatest trade in the world. He was three and a half years older than me and most of my childhood outweighed me by about 100 lbs. This led to many beatings for me which in turn led me to weight lifting. There was only one problem for me, my genes were working against me strongly. I would watch my friends drink milk, do a few bicep curls and their muscles would seemingly grow overnight. Whereas, in junior high, I would lift weights 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week and my little sister’s friend would come over and outlift me. Mildly embarrassing. Sidenote: For psychological reasons I convinced myself her parents must have been on the East German women’s swim team and that they slipped ground up anabolic steroids into her Strawberry Shortcake lunch pail. I think it was clear they were either unaware of the legality of this or I was genetically preprogrammed for wimpiness. I knew I needed to get a lot stronger if I was to defend myself in any way against my brother. Unfortunately, it took me many years to get the strength needed to change the big brother beatdowns because I was missing two pieces of critical information. First, I didn’t understand nutrition, which led to years wasted drinking 1800 calorie weight gain cake batter, I mean protein shakes, that filled me up so much I couldn’t eat for 2 days. Second, I came from a tall but small framed father who was also routinely asked if they had him checked for a tapeworm at the doctor. Genetics! I’m not using this as an excuse but rather an illustration of where my desire came from to understand human physiology.

In High School, when I reached my full height of 6’3”, I weighed 142. My physique was closer to Giselle than Tom Brady. Not the look I was hoping for. Take into consideration this is with me lifting weights since seventh grade and trying to eat a lot more and supplement with protein shakes. Fast Forward. I graduate from Wichita State with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and now weighed 190lbs with the same amount of bodyfat as in high school. Impressive physique? Nope, just didn’t look like I was raised in a 3rd world country anymore. But, I did learn that with the right knowledge and motivation anyone can reshape themselves to a fitter better appearing version of themselves. I thought of all the friends I’d had that also battled with their weight, just in the other direction. Same journey physically and psychologically, just in reverse. Hard work, long journey but empowering. I was hooked and wanted everybody to experience this. Fast Forward.

For nearly 2 decades I have been helping people like you attain what they thought was not possible. Premier Fitness is dedicated to providing the right personal training for you in a private, non intimidating atmosphere with as much fun as possible.