The word “diet” simply means, what one eats. In this country, when you use the word diet, it means severe deprivation and uncomfortableness for the person who uttered they were on one. If we were doing things correctly, instead of severe deprivation for a defined period of time, we would make small consistent shifts to what we currently eat. You see, we think of dieting as having a beginning and an end when it should be looked at as a for the rest of your life event.

Has anyone seen the movie “The Hunger Games”? In this movie, “capital city” represents this over the top, very flamboyant city. Everything is super enhanced looking compared to the rest of the world. This is what has happened to our food supply. Another movie analogy would be “The Matrix”. When the majority is eating one way and we are fatter and sicker than ever before, there is a problem. The food that God put here is what is intended for our bodies not the man made stuff. Think I’m wrong? Do blood work for health markers, then spend a couple of months eating only natural 1 ingredient foods and see the difference in the numbers. Get educated about the stuff you’re sticking into your bodies. There are plenty of documentaries: “Food”, “Food Inc.”, “Forks Over Knives”, “The secrets of sugar”.

The next trick is to make one shift a week. It’s really hard to quit eating highly addictive food with the cold turkey method. Start by analyzing how many fruits and vegetables you are getting per day. You should be eating more vegetables than fruit. Start experimenting with ways to add veggies. You can steam them, put them in a smoothie with fruit, cook them in an oven with oilve oil and garlic. A lot of time you will have to change your mindset to make this work. Reframe the thinking you developed as a child about vegetables not tasting good.

Change your mind, change your habits! Your body will thank you!