Ok, so before anyone says it, I had problems with my editing software and this is an after and before pic.

Greg has lost about 55lbs, he feels better and he has gained a ton of strength too! His energy and confidence have seen a nice boost as well! Congratulations Greg for being guilty of killin’ it at Premier Fitness!

In his own words: “When I started working out at Premier Fitness, I had been in a somewhat depressed state of mind. After a few weeks I started to feel better and that made the showing up part a lot easier. I had some weight to lose but that wasn’t my primary focus, I just wanted to feel better! Anybody that says they don’t have the money is kidding themselves. When you start eliminating or reducing the things that got you in the shape you’re in you’ll have enough money to pay for it! My advice is to keep with it even if you don’t see the weight coming off initially.”