“I had reconciled myself to being chronically overweight — but not to having bad knees. I wanted to be stronger/healthier, and I knew that had to be possible, even with my schedule.

“After our first meeting, I was convinced that the accountability and expertise of Premier Fitness’s staff would allow me to be active in a safe and productive way.

“I was, however, positively wary of calorie counting, having a hearty skepticism for being ‘on a diet.’ But, since it was part of the Premier Fitness weight loss program, I embraced it.

“I’m so glad I did! The app makes it almost easy and a little bit fun, so that has helped — but mostly it’s having that information combined with what Chad has taught me about metabolism. Turns out, I had pretty decent eating habits, and all that was needed were a few surprisingly easy modifications. Rather than feeling deprived or even particularly inconvenienced, I have felt empowered.

Susan’s Weight Loss and Knee Pain Progress

“I’ve lost 40 pounds and counting — and my knees (and everything else) are getting stronger! But for me, perhaps the biggest reward is having hope that my new physique is sustainable.”