Jana came to Premier Fitness to shape up “just a bit” for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Past efforts to lose weight had left her with low expectations, though.

Jana’s Premier Fitness training Wichita experience

“All I was hoping for, really, was to lose about 10 or 15 pounds, and one size in my waist. I thought that was a lot to ask for. In my first three months of fitness training Wichita by Premier Fitness, though, I lost 23 pounds and two full dress sizes! I had a lot more fun shopping for mother-of-the bride dresses than I would have without Premier Fitness!

“It wasn’t as hard as I thought, either. One of my biggest mental blocks was fear of pain or injury. But my fitness training Wichita coach helped me learn the difference between the kind of pain that means ‘Stop and try this a different way, to avoid injury,’ and the kind of brief pain that’s just a stepping stone to getting stronger.

“And I kept on losing. Several weeks after the wedding, I had lost a total of 32 pounds. It’s been five months since the wedding, and I’ve kept it all off.

“Probably the biggest victory for me, though, is changing from someone who never liked exercise of any kind to someone who actually looks forward to running. My family and friends are shocked at this change — which is pretty fun!”