This year Mark McCormick has lost a lot of weight. Below, in his own words, is how he did it.

From a health perspective, 2016 has been a very exciting and prosperous year.  The most notable change is the 75lbs that I have shed.  While I’m very excited about that, I’m even more excited about the change to my overall health. In addition to the weight loss, my blood pressure has gone from being close to hypertension to normal ranges, my A1C (blood sugar) has gone from nearly being a type II diabetic to normal range and my heart rate has gone from the high 80’s to the mid 60’s.  How you ask?  It was a combination of a change in diet (no carbs, no sugar), continuing to workout (3 x’s per week at Group Camp) and great support from my family.

Another example of what can be done at premier Fitness when setting your mind to it!