Before working with Chad, I had never worked with a trainer at all. When I began in April 2008, I had little muscle strength in my arms and legs and very little stamina, and my core was weak as well. My general life movements, (walking, going up steps, getting out of furniture, lifting parcels, etc.) were all slow and labored. Preparing dinner for guests was exhausting. In general I was a physical wreck.

Working with Chad has been a positive life altering experience. I’ve lost weight, and a full pant size. I can manage my everyday activities with vigor and much less exhaustion. I have regained a full sense of balance and stability. I can now walk my 77-lb. Samoyed a mile with minimal discomfort. But more importantly, I can stand in the kitchen for hours on end, cooking for my family and friends and never experiencing the numbing pain and exhaustion of just one year ago! I am 70 years old and feel a lot better than I did 10 years ago.