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Dear Exercise, Nobody Likes You

When you have names like “push-up” and “sprints” associated with you, well, you’re not going to get invited to the party. If the names of things associated with you were more like, “eat as much ice cream as you want and not get fat”, you would get invited. It’s time for your publicist to […]

Eat doughnuts, drink beer, lose weight?

True Story. I know, hard to imagine but it happened. Once upon a time there was a man named, well,  let’s call him Mike. He came to me wanting to feel better and to drop 35 pounds.He was a business owner that had little time and therefore had put his health on the back burner. […]

How to fix your broken metabolism

You may be wondering how did my metabolism quit working in the first place. Good question. I know some of you will blame it on age but that actually has little to do with it. Don’t get me wrong there is some decrease with age but that is not the prime factor here. The […]

Is your New Years Resolution Floundering Already? Success awaits

Happy New Year!! This is the time of year everyone gets fired up to make a change. People charge into the new year with such optimism about getting control of their weight. Unfortunately, probably 90% or more will be off track and will have failed by March. If you’re one of these people you […]

Elevate 12 Week Transformation Program

Elevate 12 Week Transformation Program
Warning! This is a faith based program. If you are offended by the words God, bible or scripture you may not want to attend this program. To address your spiritual side, those words will be used and there will be a Christian undertone throughout the program especially the first 15 […]