Here are 11 interesting reasons why residents of Wichita love referring the people they care about to Premier Fitness.

  1. Education- Bachelor’s degree and several nationally recognized personal training certifications Including a diploma for being a metabolic genius! Being college educated allows us to make modifications for people with all kinds of conditions. If we don’t know though about your condition we refer out instead of diagnosing and treating. Check out Susan’s testimonial about her knee pain and weight loss
  2. Experience- Over 19 years experience helping people change their lives for the better. Why wouldn’t you want someone with more experience?
  3. Private atmosphere- Our private training facility is actually private as opposed to a facility with 15 trainers, bootcamps and other things going on at the same time
  4. Professionalism- We pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism and our clients appreciate it. David’s testimonial says it all.
  5. Better programming- We program using science backed principles instead of assuming you should be able to do whatever we can do. Working harder doesn’t equate to better training. Results that can be measured is a hallmark of better training, not exhaustion in every workout. Don’t get me wrong the program needs to be challenging but manageable considering all of the other variables. Variables like current condition, medical issues, age, coordination, joint dysfunction.
  6. Planning- We actually write a program with progressions and a plan in mind aiming at your goals instead of giving everyone the same workout or making one up for you on the spot.
  7. Professional assessments- We take the time to test your abilities and find out your exercise history so that we can prescribe the right intensity program for you.
  8. Safety – We are CPR and first aid certified and have a functioning, inspected defibrillator. Oh, and we also have band-aids of all sizes!
  9. Sense of Humor- We’re serious about getting our clients results but that’s about where it stops. We feel that making a lifestyle change needs to be more fun than intense for you to stick to it. Check out Jana’s testimonial for someone who found help at Premier Fitness, who had never enjoyed exercise before.
  10. Customization- Being a smaller facility, we can generally cater to your needs better by putting on music you like, eating your favorite donut with you instead of judging you for it. Just kidding… we will definitely be judging you for that junk!
  11. Cooler facility- This is on many levels. We provide moving air if you want it. It is not a necessity for you to be profusely sweating or throwing up to get results at Premier Fitness. We wear sunglasses indoors, too… because we can.

As you can plainly see from the above information, if you’re not personal training at Premier Fitness, are you really training?? Don’t be that guy that runs down the sidewalk everyday with a pained look on his face. Come train here and get results without making that face… Ok, you may make it a few times but not the entire workout!