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Marc lost 45 pounds – and got better insurance!*

With us as his personal trainer, Marc Taylor lost weight, but gained something else:

“So far I’ve lost 45 pounds at Premier Fitness, and I was just approved for DOUBLE the life insurance coverage for the same amount I was paying before!”

What could you lose with Premier Fitness as your trainer? Find out!

Trouble finding your motivation?

Burning Desire!! That’s what you need! Without it, you will find it nearly impossible to accomplish any goal that takes more than a few weeks.

There have been many times in my life that I SAID I wanted to accomplish a certain goal. I never would get there and wondered why. Answer: lack of burning […]

11 Reasons People in Wichita Tell Everyone They Know About Premier Fitness

Here are 11 interesting reasons why residents of Wichita love referring the people they care about to Premier Fitness.

Education- Bachelor’s degree and several nationally recognized personal training certifications Including a diploma for being a metabolic genius! Being college educated allows us to make modifications for people with all kinds of conditions. If we don’t […]

5 ways Premier Fitness is Different and Better than Other Personal Training Studios in Wichita, KS

There are 5 important ways Premier Fitness stands apart from other personal training facilities. These five things make Premier Fitness different than any other personal training studio in Wichita:

Sense of Humor- We take getting you results very seriously but beyond that it’s difficult to get us to take this life too seriously!

Smarter science based […]

Premier Fitness in Wichita, KS: A Fascinating Origin Story

How did it all start? There I was coming from darkness to light. It was sort of an awakening for me. I was laying there with my eyes closed and crying. Who were all these people staring at me? And then WHACK!! Who spanks someone right as they enter the world? Not Cool man, […]